Pete and Kerry’s sexual misadventures part 3


I whimpered but she was right, I loved how horny I was. We washed each other and then she stepped out and put the faucet to cold. I almost screamed as Kerry laughed. 

“You need a cold shower to calm down.”

Kerry slept in Grahams arms in the bed. Whilst I made up a bed out of pillows and cushions to sleep at the foot of the bed. 

Graham left early the next morning leaving Kerry and I. She immediately unlocked me. We talked about the last night as she Edged me. We agreed that it had exceeded our expectations and that we’d both been incredibly turned on. I told her I had loved watching her tale a big dick and found being humiliated incredibly exciting. I also told her that I worried I was sick and weird. Kerry put me at ease saying she knew it was many men’s fantasies and I wasn’t sick at all. She told me how sexy it was that I’d sucked Grahams cock and swallowed his cum. I told her I was disgusted with myself and I’d never considered it before but that I was incredibly horny and lust filled that I felt like I’d do anything. Kerry kept probing as she brought to the edge over and over. I was forced to admit that I had liked it and that I’d probably do it again if required. Kerry teased me until I was ready to explode and then said.

“Would you go further for me"


Chapter 9

A new week started and Kerry and I both went to work as normal. It wasn'tuntil half way through Tuesday that we received a message from Malcolm . He told us we'd be having video sex with him on Thursday again. He also told us that he had some days off owed to him and that he felt staying with us for a full weekend would be the right and proper thing to do. 

I was first to reply this time and said that I for one would love to have him come and stay. Seeing my reply, Kerry immediately responded that what I thought didn't fucking matter. She then told Malcolm that she deserved a good fucking as I wasn't capable of satisfying her.

Malcolm was pleased and showed his appreciation by dropping his shorts and showing his huge cock. My bod it was a magnificent specimen. Kerry immediately began telling g him he needed that cock badly and could hardly wait. 

Go to the restroom, both of you. He instructed us.

I got up from desk and headed to the restroom, hearing my phone buzz as another msg came through. I entered a stall and locked the door behind me. I could see Kerry had already said she was ready.

I’m here too. I typed. 

Okay, I want you both completely naked, send me pics to prove it. 

It felt so wrong to be removing all my clothes in a cubicle at work. There was the usual gap under the door and as I removed my socks I was very conscious that someone could peer under and see my bare feet. As I removed my shirt two guys came in, chatting about some trivial work matter and I froze. My heart pounded, this was so exciting. When I heard the dryers go on I resumed undressing and stood naked in the stall. I took my phone and took a picture, ensuring my caged cock was in the shot. Kerry had already sent hers, the shot she liked of her, butt pushed up, reaching up, arms outstretched. 

Look what I’ve got Kerry typed

A picture of her middle sized plug and a bottle of lube appeared 

Wow, awesome. Well, you know what to do. Make sure to film for it for doggy and I. 

I put my clothes on the toilet seat and sat, worrying about how much time I was spending in here. Five minutes later a video appeared. 

Kerry had placed her phone on the toilet cistern and then applied plenty of lube and bent over, legs apart. Eventually Kerry managed to ease the large metal plug inside herself. The sight of her asshole closing around it and sucking it in made me so horny I instantly filled my cage. 

Another video appeared, Malcom was stroking his hard cock.

Daddy instructed Kerry to masturbate and cum before she was return to her desk, she was to remain plugged. He then turned his attention to me.

Collect you clothes and take them to another stall where you get dressed and go back to work. I hope you get caught and everyone will know what a pathetic faggot white boy you are. Don’t you dare lie to me.

Damn, I couldn’t do this. If I were caught I’d almost certainly lose my well paid job. It was thrilling though. I wanted to obey. I picked up my clothes and held them where they’d cover my groin. I unlocked the door and held it, listening closely. I quickly threw the door open and dashed into the next stall and closed the door behind me, locking it. I couldn’t help giggling in relief. 

I quickly dressed and hurried back to desk. I sat watched the video of Kerry inserting her plug and daddy stroking. I found both videos equally enthralling. 

I’m so wet Kerry messaged.

Did you cum good baby I replied

Mnmmmm yes. The plug felt so good walking back to my desk. It’s so big and heavy inside me.

There was no reply frombut an hour later, Kerry messaged again. 

I can’t concentrate, I can’t get comfy, I keep squirming in my seat and people are staring at me. 

Just a few hours to go sweetie. I answered


Kerry was already home when I got in that evening. She was showered and told me it wax such a relief to get home and remove the plug. She laughed that she'd bitten off more than she could chew. I was released and edged in the evening. Kerry put on a cuckold video to watch. The woman pegging the cuckold before being taken by her bull. 

Chapter 10

When I got home from work the next day Kerry was waiting for me, holding a box excitedly. She said we'd open it after dinner. Kerry bolted her dinner and put the box on the table, waiting for me to finish. I deliberately slowed down and I could see her getting impatient. Finally I put my cutlery down. 

“Take your fucking clothes off" she said and immediately and I instantly regretted making her wait. 

I stood up and removed all my clothing. 

“On your hands and knees”

I sank to my hands and knees as Kerry tore open the box. Kerry giggled as she rummaged through the box and then she came over and fastened a pink leather collar around my neck. Attaching a metal chain leash to the collar, led me slowly, crawling on all fours to the middle of the room. 

“Stay" she laughed and dropped the leash, going to our bedroom. 

I stayed where I was, flushed with embarrassment. Damn, a PINK collar. How humiliating, Kerry was a genius. I stayed on my hands and knees until Kerry returned ten minutes later. She strode into the room wearing her thigh high boots and latex dress. She held the flogger and a bottle of lube. 

I gasped as the flogger came down on buttocks. Kerry then drizzled lube over hot butt cheeks and between them, the cold liquid running over my asshole and dripping off my balls onto the hardwood floor. Her hands massaged the oil into my buttocks and then her finger rubbed at my asshole and slid in making me gasp again. Only then did she remove the last object from the box and show it to me. 

It was a furry animal tail about 16” long , brown in colour and attached to metal butt plug. 

“Your tail doggy” Kerry said and pushed the plug at my anus. 

The plug was exactly like her smallest one and she pushed it back and forth a couple of times before it slid inside me, making me moan. 


“Perfect!” Kerry laughed, standing back and admiring her handiwork. 

I clenched and unclenched my butt feeling the plug inside me. It wasn't unpleasant. Kerry saw what I was doing. 

“Feels nice doesn't it?” 

I nodded. Kerry picked up the leash and led me around the room. The plug felt nice, bumping around and I found myself wiggling my ass from side to side as I crawled to maximise the feelings. Kerry set up her phone and took several pictures of us both together and then told me I could get up while I tidied our dinner things.

“Daddy and Graham will love these pictures” she laughed as she looked at them.

A little while later I wax washing the dishes at the sink when Kerry came up to me and showed me her messages. The pictures of us were very hot. Kerry looked so sexy and I looked ridiculous but my cock still twitched when I saw myself. I scrolled down to the read the text and Kerry reached behind me and tugged on my tail making my plug spread my asshole before she let it be sucked back in. 

That is fantastic! Graham had written. You look so fucking sexy. My cock is hard. When can I see you again? 

Soon, maybe a couple of weeks?

Great, tell doggy he'll be sucking this.

A picture of Grahams curved cut cock followed. I swallowed hard as I remembered my lips wrapped around that shaft. I moaned softly as Kerry tugged on my tail again. Malcolm'smsg followed. 

Hahahahahaha I love the pink collar! What a pathetic faggot. He looks like he likes being plugged. I’m definitely going to find some boys to party with doggy. Lol. You look great little slut. See you on video chat tomorrow. Xxx

Kerry delighted in leading me around the apartment occasionally flogging me or dripping candle wax over my buttocks. Every now and then she'd stop and tease my asshole with the plug. She did give me a nice handjob though, stopping before I could cum and locking me up. 

The next day we both prepared excitedly. It was the first time that I’d be in shot, with Kerry as Malcolm played with her. Kerry wore some appropriately slutty clothing and put me in collar and inserted my tail which I was growing to love. I had told Kerry that perhaps I should fuck her soon or at least cum because I worried How much I was enjoying certain aspects of our play. Kerry had said it was a great experiment, she wanted to see just what I’d resort too over time if she denied me pussy and sexual release. She really wanted to see if I’d cum whilst still locked and said she had no intention of letting me fuck her in the near future. She was going to get fucked, just not by me. Kerry reminded me of our safe word. I could stop anytime I wanted. 

Malcolm enjoyed Kerry just like before but this time they both humiliated me constantly. At least I did get to watch Malcolm this time as he stripped off his clothes and oiled up his body, his incredible penis hardening as he watched us until he was stroking it. Kerry came as she fucked herself with the dildo and I licked her clit and again when she managed to take the largest plug inside her ass. It took a lot of effort on my sweet girlfriends part and plenty of lube, I thought she her asshole would tear as the plug stretched her wide as she gasped and groaned. Malcolm encouraged her all the way, stroking himself harder, telling her it was his cock, pushing inside her. When he came he made us both kneel with our mouths open as he sprayed his cum in huge wads time and time again. His hands, cock, stomach and thighs covered in it. Kerry looked on hungrily and I caught myself licking my lips. 

After the video call Kerry and I writhed on the bed a while, kissing and cuddling, both of us enjoying the sensations afforded to us by the plugs in asses. Kerry almost cried as she pulled hers out but just as opened her ass up wide she released it and I watched her asshole take it back in and close around the stem. Several times she did this before pulling it out completely, her ass gaping momentarily and lube dribbling out. 

“We’re going to a hotel again this weekend" she informed me.

Chapter 11

Kerry told md we weren't seeing Graham, she wanted to go to a different hotel and that she had a different scenario in mind, a sort of practise for seeing Malcolm. She said I’d love what I had in mind, as long as we could could find the right guy. We turned up at our hotel and went through our little bathing ritual, making sure we were both nice and smooth. Kerry had demanded I was smooth in more places now. My whole upper torso from neck to upper thighs was now shaved, I wasn’t a hairy man anyway but we both loved my body smooth. I was expecting to be put into my collar and tail as Kerry got changed into a minI skirt, high heels and small strappy top but I was left dressed normally and unrestrained. 

Kerry explained that if things went well she would return to room alone. The man she ***********ed would be given our room number and told to give us fifteen minutes before coming up. She told me to watch some TV and have a drink, she'd message me from the bar and then she was gone. 

Looks like plenty of guys here baby. 

An hour later and she opened the door and came in.

Oh my God Pete, we got so lucky, the first guy who bought me a drink is perfect.His name is Doug" she gushed, kicking off her shoes and wriggling out of her skirt. She checked the time. 

“Damn, I’ve got ten minutes, when he comes up, you will play along with our role play okay?”

“What role play? I asked

“You'll see, just play along. I haven'tgot time now.” 

She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. Tenminutes later, there was a knock on the door. 

“I’ll get that" she yelled and emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing her schoolgirl outfit, chequered plaid micro skirt, converse boots and a white short sleeved shirt tied around her middle. She borrowed one of my times that was loosely tied around her neck. Her hair was in pigtails and she had on pink glossy lipstick, matching her nails. She looked mouth watering. 

“You’re my father" she whispered and answered the door. 

“Hey Mr Peters. What are you doing here?” she said, imitating a teenager. 

“I’m here to see you father Kerry, may I come in?”

“Daddy. Mr Peters my principal is here” Kerry said, opening the door.

Doug stepped into the room, he was not Kerry’s usual type at all. He was my height but wiry. He had glasses and moustache. He offered me his hand.

“Hi Mr Peters,” I said, shaking his hand “Nice to meet you" can I get you a drink?”

I poured he and I a drink and we sat at the little table in our room, Kerry lay on the bed on her front, hands supporting her chin as she watched us. I wondered exactly what Kerry had in mind.

“So, what can I do for you Mr Peters?”

“Kerry has been cutting school and is failing all her classes. The school has no alternative but to expel her I’m afraid"

“No Mr Peters!” Kerry interjected “There must be something we can do? “ 

I now understood Kerry’s plan and my cock throbbed. I carried on.

“Surely we can work something out sir?” 

“Hmnnnn, I’m not sure. Do you have much cash?”

“No sir, no cash” 

Doug got up and walked over to the bed and eyed Kerry hungrily. 

“Kerry, this is your mess, you can clean it up” I said “Get on your feet. You do whatever Mr Peters wants you hear" 

“Yes daddy" 

Kerry leapt of the bed and Doug pulled her toward him. 

“Do I need to be spanked Mr Peters" Kerry purred

“I think that’s a good way to start my girl. You are very naughty” I said.

Doug came back to the table, guiding Kerry by the hand. He sat in the chair and pulled her down. 

“Get across my lap Kerry, you bad girl” 

“Oh please daddy no. I’ll be a good girl" 

My cock twitched hard again as Kerry lay across Doug’s lap. His hand stroked up her thigh and under her skirt, squeezing her ass before lifting her skirt up, showing us her white cotton panties. Doug stared at Kerry’s ass and then shook his head, as if clearing it. He brought his hand down firmly on her buttocks and she squealed. 

“No panties" I breathed

Doug gripped the waist band of Kerry’s panties and tugged them down. Kerry did an impression of trying to resist but lifted herself so that Doug could get them to her knees. 

“Please remove your daughters underwear" he said to me. 

“Yes sir" 

“No, please daddy. I promise I wont be naughty anymore" 

 I stood pulled down Kerry’s panties and she lifted her legs to allow me lift them off. Doug massaged her butt cheeks and sighed as if viewing the most beautiful sight, which had was. He spanked Kerry, her butt cheeks jiggling wonderfully. After a few spanks he stopped and caressed her pink ass, his finger slipped between her cheeks and he froze.

“What is this young lady!” he said and read her cheeksto reveal the base of her small plug.

“Oh my God Kerry, what is that?” I asked

“My boyfriend gave it to me" 

Doug brought his down on her cheeks again, harder. Kerry squealed and squirmed on his lap as her cheeks reddened. She tried to cover herself with her hands in a feigned struggle and Doug told me to hold them still which I did. He pushed her legs apart and in Kerry moaned as his hand found her pussy. 

“Please don’tMr Peters”

Doug alternatively spanked and caressed Kerry a few more times before pulling her off his lap and standing. As he unbuckled his belt he pushed Kerry’s shoulders and she sank down to her knees. Doug reached in and pulled out his cock.

“Oh Mr Peters,what ARE you doing?”

Doug’s cock belied his body size, a long uncut cock sprang out of its cloth confines and visibly throbbed and hardened. Kerry reached out and held it, the foreskin retracted as it fully hardened.

“Ohhhhh Mr Peters" Kerry gushed as she moved it from side to side, examining it. “You are so much bigger than my boyfriends" 

Doug held her head and guided it and Kerry began sucking and licking , gingerly at first and then with gusto. Little noises of pleasure escaping her mouth. Doug turned to me.

“Your daughter sucks cock like a pro"

Kerry moaned when she heard this and pushed her head until her lips were against Doug’s stomach and I could see her throat was full of cock. She held it, breathing heavily through her nose before pulling back, saliva spilling from her mouth and she gasped, 

“Fuuuuuuck” Doug said in appreciation.

Pulling her up Doug led Kerry to the bed and pushed her back onto it, making her squeal. He quickly crouched between her legs, pushing them open with his hands under her thighs and began lapping at her pussy.

“Mr Peter’s! What are you doing? You mustn't. Daddy! Oh Mr Peters. Mnmmmmm it feels soooooo nice".

I climbed onto the bed and sat behind my girlfriend, she lifted herself up and I unclipped her bra and squeezed under her so she was resting in my lap. I unbuttoned her shirt to expose her tits but left her tie on because it looked hot. 

“Daddy, Mr Peters is licking my pussy" Kerry cooed at me sexily and held out my hands to hold.

Kerry talked as Doug licked her pussy and clitty, telling me (her father) how nice it felt and that she might cum. I loved the dirty talk. It was always a big part of my sex life. There was something incredibly arousing about a sweet looking woman using filthy sex language. Another thing mg ex wife was no good at. 

Doug stopped licking and removed all his clothes and climbed between Kerry’s legs and guided his long dick to the entrance of her fuck hole. 

“Please no Mr Peters" Kerry begged.

Doug pushed and slid half his cock into her twat forcing a low deep moan from her lips. 

“Oh Mr Peters.You’re soooooo big" 

Doug pulled back and then pushed forward again, sliding more dick into her while Kerry oooohed and ahhhhhhhed. Soon Doug was fucking her in long deep strokes, her converse booted feet waving in the air. 

“He's fucking me with his big dick daddy. Ohhhhh yes, he's fucking me soooooo gooooood.” Kerry let go of my hands and squeezed her breasts hard and tugged on her nipples. 

Doug flipped her over onto all fours and Kerry pushed her head down, I wanted to get under her and lick them both but it seemed Kerry didn't want that for this scenario. She looked into my eyes and I could tell exactly the moment that Doug slid into her. 

“Oh my God you’re so big Mr Peters. You love fucking my tight little pussy don't you?”

“Yes my dear” Doug panted, “I think I’ll be fucking you often if you want to graduate".

Doug fucked Kerry while she described to me exactly what he was doing and how it made her feel. Doug began tugging on her butt plug and Kerry made noises that encouraged Doug to tease her asshole with that plug, stretching her. Kerry’s hand disappeared under her and I knew she was rubbing her clit. Soon she was cumming loudly. Just as she came Doug pulled her plug until the widest part was stretching her and he held it as she climaxed, pulling it out when she had stopped. 

Kerry collapsed onto her tummy and Doug spat between her ass cheeks. Kerry looked at me. 

“Get the lube" she whispered. 

“but I....” I started

“Do it!” she hissed.

I couldn’t believe she was going to let a stranger take her anal virginity when I had wanted it for so long. Still I didn’t stop it and fetched the lube and handed it to Doug who drizzled liberal amounts onto her asshole. Kerry parted her legs and pushed up her butt and Doug lay over her and with one hand holding his cock, guided it between her ass cheeks. A guteral groan came from deep within Kerry and she closed her eyes and grimaced.

“So big" she gasped

I could see Doug was slowly working his cock in and then he took his hand away. Crouched on his knees and began moving his hips backwards and forwards. He was fucking my girlfriends ass. 

“Oh Mr Peters, you’re fucking me in the ass with your big fat cock" she groaned, looking me square in the eyes. 

Kerry moaned loudly as Doug fucked her, soon sliding his entire length into her. I wanted to get up and watch as my girlfriends anal cherry was taken but seeing the look on her face told me everything I needed to know. 

“I love big dick in my ass Daddy" she moaned and I knew that many more men were going to experience my girlfriends tight little ass around their cocks. Oh my God I wanted to cum so bad now. 

Doug picked up the pace, fucking her harder, making her moan loader, his thighs slapping against her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck” Kerry gasped “ I’m gonna cum again" 

Chapter 12

The following weekend was soon upon us. After our adventure with Doug we had taken a couple of days to relax. Doug had cum in Kerry's ass and then left, not before Kerry took his number though. 

She had since messaged him to thank him and congratulate him on his acting skills. He, unsurprisingly, was keen to see us again. He also mentioned to Kerry that he had a buddy, who was into the swinging scene. He thought he too would be perfect for us. He was well hung and had a hot wife. They were, Doug told her, really open minded about sex....and bisexual. 

Malcolm left us pretty much to our devises all week, he was busy at work, but he did send us another video of him fucking another gorgeous college aged white girl with the caption ‘What you have to look forward too'.Kerry and I watched it several times together. I told her that I was getting really desperate to cum now. It had been many weeks of teasing, denial and sexual torture that I had loved but thought I should cum for the good of my health now. Kerry told me she'd made her position on this subject very clear. I wondered if I’d created a monster. 

Malcolm was going to arrive a Kerry’s house on Friday evening and leave on Sunday morning. He told us not to worry, if we weren'thappy and wanted him to go early he would leave immediately. He also said that he could guarantee that wouldn’t happen. He wanted Kerry to dress in black lingerie with the short satin, backless cocktail dress he had seen in a photo. 

I was to be naked, except for my collar, leash and tail. Oh and my chastity cage of course. 

We fussed about all week cleaning Kerry’s house from top to bottom and making sure it was presentable. Kerry’s house was a corner plot in a nice area but the house was in need of quite a bit of work which is what made it affordable to her. We removed all the junk from the spare bedroom. This was to be where I slept this weekend. We weren’t sure what to do regarding sleeping arrangements, I wanted to be near Kerry and included but on reflection, it made more sense and would be more comfortable for me to take the spare room. We moved all of Kerry’s sexy lingerie, sexy clothing and our sex toys to her place and stocked the fridge. 

Friday evening we could hardly eat dinner such was our excitement. Malcolm was due at 9pm. As soon as dinner was done, Kerry left me to clean up while she went to get ready. When I joined her in the bathroom we went through our shaving ritual and then I was locked for the weekend. 

Kerry came out of the bedroom holding my leash and collar looking amazing. She had made an effort with her hair and makeup and looked like she might be attending a high society cocktail party. She was wearing 6” heels which made her stocking clad legs and ass look amazing. We hugged and kissed, she thanked me for what was about to happen. We told each other how much we loved each other and them she fastened my pink collar around my neck, attached the leash and ordered me to my hands and knees.

The doorbell rang at just after 9pm. My heart hammered in my chest as Kerry led me to the door, checked who it was and then opened the door. Malcolm was dressed smartly in a suit, clean shaven and smelled strongly of cologne. He looked extremely handsome. He carried a brown bag in one hand and pulled a small suitcase in the other. He put both down.

“Hi daddy" Kerry gushed, smiling sweetly and hugging him, kissing him on the cheek. 

“Hi sweetie" he replied and then looked down at me grinning.

“Hey doggy" he laughed, patting me on the head. 

Kerry welcomed Malcolm, told him to make himself at home and I was led behind them to the kitchen. Malcolm had bought a bag full of wine and liquor and Kerry thanked him with a kiss. She showed him to her bedroom and said he could leave his suitcase there and then we all returned to the lounge. Malcolm opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. He asked Kerry for a bowl and poured some wine into it and put it on the floor. 

“For you doggy. You’re not getting left out this weekend.” 

I was very pleased to hear him say that although I was pretty damn sure I WAS going to be left out quite a bit this weekend! Still, I was grateful for a drink and licked at the wine, sneakily using my hands and drinking from the bowl. 

Malcolm and Kerry sat next to each other on the couch, chatting and drinking. They complimented each other on how nice they looked and that they couldn’t believe Malcolm was finally here. They laughed about telling him I was her brother and that his work colleagues were very jealous of the huge tips Kerry left him and joked about how she wanted to fuck him. Kerry out on some music and a second bottle of wine was opened, I felt the effects myself as I gulped from my bowl, listening and watching my girlfriend and her daddy. 

At some point Malcolm got up to use the bathroom and Kerry stood to refill our glasses/bowl and put some chips on the coffee table. Malcolm came back in while she was still bent over and he squeezed her ass. Kerry didn't flinch.

“Damn girl, that even better than I thought it would be"

Kerry giggled and straightened up, turning around and putting her arms around his neck. 

“I’m glad you like" she said, staring up into his face. 

Malcolm lowered his face to hers and kissed her deeply. They started moving slowly to the music and his hands ran over her back and ass, squeezing it gently. Kerry responded by moaning softly. 

Gradually Kerry’s dress rose up, her stocking tops and suspenders visible and then Malcolm’s hand helped it on it’s way, lifting it around her waist. Malcolm’s hands almost covered Kerry’s ass cheeks completely. Looking at his dark skin against her soft white ass thrilled me. I could hear Kerry panting a little as they kissed passionately, tongues in each others mouths. Malcolm broke the embrace.

“Let me get a look at you girl" he said and Kerry lifted her arms as Malcolm lifted her dress over her head. 

“You are fine baby girl" Malcolm said, standing back and whistling in appreciation. “Let me look at you"

Malcolm sat back down on the couch and picked up his wine glass and Kerry stood in her black lace topped bra, panties, stockings, suspender belt and high heels. I swallowed hard as Malcolm soaked up the view. Kerry began striding around the room with stripper attitude, bending over and grabbing her ankles for her daddy.Reaching behind her, she unclipped her bra and let it fall and turned around with her hands covering her boobs. Staring Malcolm in the eyes she sexily and slowly uncovered her breasts. I swallowed hard, finding this seduction extremely erotic. I guessed Kerry was too, judging my the stiffness of her little nipples. 

Kerry hooked her fingers onto the waistband of her panties and wriggled them down a little and then up again as she teased. I looked up at Malcolm, he stared at my girlfriend intently, sipping his wine. Kerry finally tugged her panties to her knees and then sat onher bottom on the floor and kicked her legs, moving the panties to her ankles and then pulled them over her heels and off. Rolling onto her tummy she pushed up her ass and rose onto all fours reaching back and slapping her ass before parting her legs to expose her pussy and asshole to Malcolm. Lowering her head to the floor and resting on her upper body she reached back and stroked her ass cheeks and pussy and then suddenly leapt to her feet, shrieking in feigned embarrassment. She quickly went to the couch and climbed onto Malcolm’s lap, her legs straddling him. 

“Did you enjoy that Daddy?” she asked, picking up her wine glass“Ooooh, I think you did" she added, squirming on his lap, clearly feeling his bulge. 

“Hell yeah baby, you are one hot chick, way too much woman for doggy to handle. No wonder you came looking for me" Malcolm lowered his head to kiss and suck on her boobs.

Kerry put down her wine glass and unbuttoned Malcolm’s shirt, her small hands moving over his firm pectoral muscles.She pulled open his shirt roughly and out of his suit pants, her hands moved down to Malcolm’s washboard stomach.

“Oh my god" she murmured, kissing his chest lightly. 

Kerry kissed her way down Malcolm’s chest and stomach until she was on her knees on the floor between his legs. Her hands rubbed at his groin and the traces down his leg. 

“Holy shit” she laughed “doggy, look at this" 

I got up onto my knees and watched as she traced the outline of his cock, it stretched halfway down his thigh. 

“That's what you call a cock, not that pathetic thing between your legs.” She rubbed it some more as Malcolm smiled. “I bet you want to see it don't you? “ 

I nodded feebly and Kerry unbuckled Malcom’s pants and unzipped his fly. Malcolm lifted himself up as Kerry tugged his pants down.

I stared as Malcolm’s huge black cock swung into view. I looked at Kerry who’s eyes were like saucers and her mouth hung open. It was already semi hard and she lifted it with both hands. It looked even bigger in the flesh, Kerry could only get her fingers halfway around it. She studied it in disbelief, moving it from side to side. Malcolm watched her, smiling. 

“This is fucking ridiculous” she said, breaking the silence and causing Malcolm to burst into laughter. 

“So big, so heavy. It’s just so fucking huge" 

“You like that baby girl?” 

Kerry’s eyes changed. I saw the shock turn to lust. “fuck yeah daddy" she said and licked her lips.

“Doggy likes it too I think" Malcolm said and I realised I too was staring at his dick. I looked away quickly. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you touch it this weekend" he added and I felt myself blush hotly as Kerry laughed.

Kerry lowered her head and licked all over the head and glans of his cock and then stretched her mouth wide and went down, moaning as she took the tip into her mouth. Kerry licked and sucked Malcolm's rod and sucked his balls like a woman possessed, forcing her head down with her mouth stretched painfully wide to cram as much into her mouth as possible. When her jaw ached, she rested, gasping for breath, stroking his cock hard, sometimes using both hands, one above the other such was his length. Saliva covered his cock and her chin and I marvelled at how sexy it looked as her head moved up and down taking as much of that huge veiny black dick as she could. Malcolm had put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Now he opened them.

“You love that big dick huh little slut?”

“Say it!”

“I love your big dick" 

“You’ve been building to this moment all your life haven't you? 

“Fuck yes daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long" 

Malcolm softly held her head and guided her off him as he stood. He pulled his pants up and then, in one quick motion picked up Kerry effortlessly and threw her over his shoulder. Kerry squealed in delight as Malcolm carried her to the bedroom. 

“Come doggy" she called after me and I followed obediently. 

Malcolm lowered Kerry onto the bed on her back and began to remove his clothes.

“Get on the bed next to her head” he said to me “I want you to watch closely while I fuck your woman you sissy bitch boy" 

Kerry and I both stared when Malcolm stood, completely naked at the foot of the bed, his cock swaying back and forth menacingly. Kerry spread her legs and stroked her pussy. 

“Fuck me daddy" 

Malcolm climbed onto the bed and guided his cock to Kerry’s wet cunt. Kerry chewed her bottom lip, concentrating as Malcolm’s cock head prised open her pussy and slid between her lips. Her arms reached out to me and I held them and watched, enthralled, unable to tear my eyes away. Malcolm rocked forwards and backwards gradually easing an inch or two of thick hard cock into her.

“You want my cock?”

“Yessssssssss" Kerry groaned, writhing on the bed, trying to force herself onto him.

“Beg me bitch"

“Please fuck me daddy, please.” 

“Now you.” He looked me in the eyes. 

“Fuck her" I whispered.

“I ain’t feeling ya faggot white boy. Beg me properly"

“Pleeeeeeeeeeease Pete" Kerry moaned, thrashing on the bed. 

“Please fuck my girlfriend daddy" I said, loudly and clearly. “fuck my girlfriend with you big black cock" I meant it. 

Malcolm lunged forwards.

“OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK!” Kerry cried as Malcolm slid another 6” of hard black meat into her. 

It’s hard to describe how I felt as I watched Malcolm inch his cock into Kerry. It looked so huge, filling and stretching her. I was still hot with embarrassment from begging him to take her and but I wanted it so badly. I wanted her to enjoy it, to worship his cock, to cum over and over and I wanted to watch all of it and be teased, locked, unable to relieve myself or even get hard. 

“That’s it bitch, take it, you’re mine now. You’re my hot white fuck toy" Malcolm said as he drove his cock into Kerry. 


“Tell me your my fuck toy" 

“I’m your little white fuck toy" Kerry panted. 

“Your boyfriends a worthless faggot cuck"

“My boyfriends a useless pathetic fucking cuck!” 

Malcolm chuckled and told me to fetch his phone from his pants pocket. I did as he asked, he then unlocked it and turned on the camera and instructed me to record them. 

“I’m gonna show everyone what a hot little black cock lover your girlfriend is.” 

Malcolm was fucking Kerry in long deep strokes, driving his entire length into her now. Kerry was moaning like I never heard before , clearly having a lot of fun. 

“Do you love black dick bitch?”

“Yessss” she moaned

“”Say it!”

I focused the camera on her face “I love big black dick"

“Who’s your daddy?”

“”You’re my daddy” Kerry panted. 

Malcolm leant over Kerry who reached down and grabbed her own ankles as he fucked her harder and faster making.

“Oh my God, it’s so big, it feels so fucking good. Fuck me daddy, make me cum!” 

“Yes slut, cum. Cum for daddy, cum on my big dick" 

Kerry began moaning with each forward stroke of Malcolm's big cock. She threw her head back and her eyes rolled into the back of her head so only whites showed.

“Cumming, cumming, CUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!” She wailed. 

Malcolm didn’t let up and carried on fucking her hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck! “ Kerry cried as another orgasm rocked her. 

Malcolm gradually slowed and then rolled off and onto his back, his cock slick with Kerry’s cum. Kerry rolled onto him and kissed him, her tongue sliding into his mouth. 

“Oh my God” she laughed “I came so hard" 

“You see how to fuck now doggy?” she asked me and I nodded. “Aww, look at doggy leaking like a girl” 

I looked down and saw a long rope of precum hanging from the peehole of my cage. 

“He likes watching a real man fuck you baby girl" Malcolm sneered. “Don't you doggy"

“I like watching a real man fuck my girlfriend” I said quietly, still recording on Malcolm's phone. 

Kerry back and stroked Malcolm's cock , gripping it in her small hand as she straddled Malcolm and guided his cock to her pussy and eased herself onto to it. Sinking down with a satisfied moan. 

I filmed Kerry ride Malcolm’s cock, rising up until only the tip was inside her before sinking down hard. It looked incredible from behind her and I suddenly found myself lust crazed. I was so horny, I’d been leaking cum for weeks as I was teased and denied, my balls ached, I desperately needed release but I loved how horny I was, I would do anything. Malcolm kept talking, making Kerry and I say dirty things which I loved, I’m sure Kerry deliberately didn't say things properly just so Malcolm would demand things of her.

“You love black dick, don't you slut?” 


“Say it! Say I’m a black cock whore"

“I love black dick. I’m a black cock whore" Kerry groaned. 

“Ride my cock slut” 

Then, turning his attention to me.

“She’s mine now faggot. She'll never look at your tiny cuck cock again. You’ve fucked her for the last time. You love watching her fucked by black dick though don'tyou?”

“Yes daddy, I love watching her fucked by black dick"

“You are a pathetic cucky bitch boy aren't you?”

“I’m a pathetic cucky bitch boy" I said, loudly and proudly. 

Malcolm had Kerry turn around and remove her heels so she could put her feet flat on the bed and had her ride him reverse cowgirl. She leant back and placed her hands on his thighs as she lifted herself right up and sank down hard, her ass cheeks slapping wetly against his groin. She wax so exposed like this that I couldn’t help myself and leaned in and started to lick her pussy,my tongue flicking against Malcolm's shaft. Kerry moaned harder as she bounced on hard black dick. 

“Lick us doggy. Lick us you faggot.” 

Suddenly, as I was licking Malcolm sat up and lifted Kerry off his cock and placed beside him, my open mouth was still where it was and sitting up he held it in his fist and pushed it to my lips. 

“Clean my cock faggot” 

I was lost in lust now and I didn't hesitate, I opened my mouth and began sucking and licking Malcolm's cock. Kerry took the phone from my hand and started filming. 

“Yes cucky. Suck that big black dick!” she cried in excitement. 

“See" said Malcolm. “I knew you were a faggot. Tell me you love my dick" 

“I love you big black dick daddy" I gasped, pulling his cock out of my mouth. Kerry giggled and pushed my head back down.

“Look into the camera while you suck cock, you faggot" she commanded. 

I looked up at the camera, I felt completely beaten. I was sucking cock and I loved it. Malcolm removed his hand and I held his balls as I sucked and licked him clean. It felt so right to hold his big powerful manhood that was giving my girlfriend so much pleasure in my hand. I moaned softly at my filthiness. 

“Mnmmmm look at how good he is daddy, he’s such a cocksucker. I think he’d like to be fucked too" Kerry said. I moaned loudly. “I think that means yes" she laughed. 

Malcolm eventually pulled me off him leaving me wild eyed and panting. He knelt and pulled Kerry to her knees. Kerry instantly understood and moved in front of him on all fours, spread her legs wide and waited as Malcolm got into position. 

“Put your head on her ass and spread her cheeks” 

I pushed my head down and rested my cheek against her pillowy soft ass cheek. Placing a hand on each cheek I pulled them gently apart. 

“What do you want faggot?”

“Fuck my girlfriend daddy. Fuck her. Make her cum on your big fat black cock"

I watched Malcolm slide the head of his dick between Kerry’s puffy cunt lips and then, with a loud moan, Kerry pushed back hard and impaled herself on it. Malcolm started to fuck her again slowly and Kerry purred contentedly , lowering her upper body to the bed. Malcolm began to thrust harder, driving his entire length into her. Suddenly he pulled out and pushed his cock to my mouth. I opened wide and he pushed it right in, making me gag before withdrawing and plunging it into Kerry again, forcing a long deep groan out of her. He was soon fucking her hard again and every now and thenhe'd pull out and push it into my mouth. 

“You filthy fuckers, you love my cock don't you” 

“Yes daddy, I love your cock" we said in unison. 

“Oh my fucking God. Fuck me harder, fuck me with your big black dick" Kerry moaned. “ fuck me, fuck me, make me cum, make me cum, make me cuuuuuuuuuum" 

Malcolm pounded her pussy, his big muscly thighs slapping against her ass cheeks. I looked up at him and saw his face a mask of concentration as he brought Kerry to another shattering orgasm making her shriek. Malcolm stopped moving and left Kerry moving backwards and forwards slowly as her orgasm subsided, sliding his long dick in and out of her soppy cunt. 

“White boys never fucked you like this have they? He asked.

“Never” she said dreamily “Never.........never............never".

Eventually she collapsed forwards.

“Get some lube" Malcolm instructed me. “Do you want to see me fuck your girlfriend in the ass?”

“Yes, yes" I said excitedly “fuck her in the ass daddy" 

I quickly retrieved the lube and gave it Malcolm who squirted loads over Kerry’s pert little bottom. Kerry’s legs parted and she pushed up her ass so Malcolm could rub the lube into her asshole.I watched his cock swing from side to side and I couldn’t help myself, I l over my head down and looked at him for approval. He gave me a loom that said ‘knock yourself out" and I gently held his cock and then sucked on it, slurping and slobbering. 

When I lifted my head Malcolm was pushing his large index finger in and out of Kerry’s greasy asshole. I pulled away, picked up the discarded phone and began filming again as he pushed his cock to her ass. I stared as he pushed, her little asshole opening up as the tip forced it’s way in. 

“Owwwwwwww daddy" Kerry groaned 

“Take it bitch" 

Malcolm, very slowly and carefully pushed and relaxed, pushed and relaxed until finally, he worked his cock head past her sphincter muscle and an inch of cock suddenly slid inside her. 


“Relax little slut”

Kerry panted like she was giving birth but hard part was done. Malcolm squirted more lube where his cock disappeared into her. 


“Uh huh" Kerry said.

“OHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK” She yelled as he pushed and buried another few inches into her ass. Pulling back and then pushing again.

“So fucking big, so big. Oh my God.” She murmured. 

Malcolm coaxed and encouraged Kerry as he worked his cock into her and I watched in awe as finally she had taken it all. 

Malcolm looked at me and winked and I grinned at him. 

He pulled back all the way and then slowly slid forwards until it would go no farther.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH" Kerry sighed as he fed her his cock. 

Malcolm repeated the action, over and over slowly increasing the speed.

“You like my big dick in your ass bitch?”

“Oooooooh yes daddy, it feels sooooo good. I love your big dick in my ass"

Having seem Malcolm’s cumshots on video before, I think Kerry and I were looking forward to the seeing it in person. We weren’t to be disappointed. Malcolm fucked Kerry from behind and then pulled out, making her asshole gape wide. She then sat on his cock as he lay on his back, feet flat on the bed again, supported by Malcolm in an anal cowgirl. Considering, only a matter of weeks ago she had never tried even a small buttplugit was amazing to see her sit down so hard and take a huge black cock into her ass. She was a real anal queen now. Finally Malcolm rolled her onto her back so he could control the pace and force and drilled her hard and fast, Kerry came again, but that was almost lost as her orgasm must have made her muscles tighten because it triggered one in Malcolm. He moaned a deep moan and quickly pulled out Kerry’s ass and stroked. 

“Both of you” he grunted after Kerry positioned her open mouth underneath him. I quickly joined her, our cheeks against each others as Malcolm groaned.


Malcolm squirted jet after jet of cum over our faces and into our mouths. I thought he was going to drown us as he grunted time and time again, each sound accompanied by another rope of cum. Without waiting to be asked Kerry and I sucked and licked Malcolm’s cock and kissed each other, swapping cum from one mouth to another before one of us finally swallowed some before repeating. Cum glued our eyes shut, was in our hair and dripped of our chins. Next I wanted him to fill her so I could lick and suck it out of her ass or pussy. 

Malcolm collapsed onto the bed and watched us kissing, our tongues all over each others faces and in each others mouths. I was moaning, still ridiculously horny. Precum had gushed from my cage and was all over my thighs. Finally Kerry wiped her face on towel and jumped into bed with Malcolm and snuggled into him contentedly. I loved that she looked so happy. I took this moment to take a shower and try and cool off. When I came out they were dozing in after sex bliss but Kerry opened her eyes and smiled at me sweetly, and then showered herself. 

Malcolm took this opportunity to talk to me. He asked me if I’d enjoyed it so far and I told him I had, very much. He informed me that he had loved it too. He told me he was going to fuck her again in a little while and I was welcome to stay but really he wanted me to take his phone and watch us from earlier and then I was to choose and order a strap on dildo for Kerry because she was going to be pegging my ass in future. I said okay and he told me to go and kiss my girlfriend goodnight which I did before i went to the spare room and climbed into bed. 

I watched the video and listened as Kerry and Malcolm talked and laughed next door. I watched intently as I sucked Malcolm and that wax the bit i kept rewatching as i heard them start to fuck again. I imagined what was happening and realised i didn’t know who i was most jealous of. 

What had happened to me? 

Chapter 13

I woke on Saturday and padded out and looked in 9n Kerry and Malcolm. The room stunk of sex. Kerry was laying with her head on Malcolm’s big chest both of the asleep, exhausted from the night before. I went into the lounge and cleaned and tidied before making a nice cooked breakfast and a big pot of coffee. Malcolm must have smelt the coffee because he wandered out, completely naked, his long dick swinging between his legs. I swallowed hard, trying not to stare at it. 

We all shared one of the best weekends of my life, Malcolm took us out later that day. Kerry wore another classy, revealing, sexy outfit and we went out for dinner. Malcolm and Kerry held hands and I walked behind them, terrified that we'd be spotted by someone we knew. After dinner in the parking garage, Malcolm bent Kerry over the hood of my car, pulled up her dress, and began fucking her, telling me to keep an eye out. When I saw someone comingand told him he kept going until the very last minute. He and Kerry laughing uncontrollably . On the drive home I watched in the rear view as Kerrygave him a blowjob all the way home before we rushed in. I was I immediately donned my collar, leash and tail and joined them in the bedroom to watch and occasionally lick or suck something.

They fucked all night again and on Sunday we invited Malcolm to stay an additional night if he could. Kerry and I decided to take a sick day on Monday and Malcolm didn’t work until Monday evening so he happily agreed. We all decided we would spend a lovely lazy Sunday, watching TV, eating, drinking and of course.....fucking. 

Kerry decided to wear her schoolgirl outfit and Malcolm almost drooled when he saw her and enjoyed a little role play. The day was one long fuck session and Kerry got her ass and pussy filled with cum several times, and of course, I got to eat it out of her. I also got to cum myself but I didn't enjoy it. I was underneath Kerry in 69 as Malcolm fucked her doggy style, he was pushing his cock into my mouth and it all got too much for me and I came in my cage. It was a ruined orgasm so I got no satisfaction out of it at all but Kerry had achieved one of her goals. It wasn'tlong until she achieved another but that’s another story. 

I continued beingcuckolded and Kerry grew her stable of men to eight regulars. Malcolm was and still is a huge part of our life. He even came to our wedding but again, that’s another story.
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